Specialists in turning complex problems into manageable solutions.

Heywood Business Analysts is an IT software development company focusing on banking and financial institutions. Heywood’s competitive edge is a proven track record for providing technical solutions to premier, global banks and blue chip companies in the Southern African region. Heywood has achieved this through understanding clients’ business complexities as well as utilising a strong team with the requisite depth, skill and knowledge required to create on-time software solutions to business problems.

In the seven years of operational excellence Heywood has grown well-established customer relationships with more than 46 clients, of which 42 represent global and local banks.

Today Heywood is able to collectively provide seven service variations with a compliment of ten unique products, which has assisted in achieving the company’s primary objective: to grow and strengthen presence in Southern Africa through innovative new services and products.


Customised solutions.

Scalable applications.

Powerful integration.

Heywood Solutions

Heywood’s expertise comprises industry-specific solutions in:

  • Banking
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Technical Consulting
  • Modular Banking Components
  • System Integration
  • Strategic MIS Reporting
  • Data Warehousing
  • Banking Compliant System Controls
  • Support & Maintenance

The company focuses exclusively on:

  • Treasury
  • Operations
  • Forex
  • Reserve Bank
  • Risk