About Us

Heywood materialized from the internationally established Citibank Group in 1996 when, founder and managing partner, Christopher Strangways-Dixon was seconded by the global giant to assist in setting up the Treasury and Risk IT Solutions for Citibank SA. Within four years of operation the company had not only bridged a marketplace gap but had also, through in-depth knowledge and expertise of banking procedures, requirements and system integration, formed working relationships with 65% of banks in South Africa.

Several years later, Heywood has become Citibank SA’s IT partner and the company of choice to more than 46 global and local banking institutions. Creating a module specifically for reserve bank reporting, Heywood has since implemented its complex back-end system integration into numerous banking systems. Based on this unique model, Heywood is currently credited with designing and developing more than ten highly sought after financial solutions and tools as well as providing unparallel service excellence to more than 85% of the South African banking market.

Our Vision

 To be the leading IT outsource partner of choice to the financial sector whilst providing high-quality and innovative technical solutions with superior personalised customer service.

Our Mission

 To expand and grow market share in the SADC region through our unique technical service solutions, whilst maintaining the integrity and individual attention that we have consistently provided to each of our clients.

Core Competencies

 Our proven track record of meeting world standards has enabled us to provide premier global banking solutions on an international platform.
  • Understanding banking business & processes
  • Understanding of banking technology
  • Proven track record of implementing complex backend system integration solutions
  • Continually developing & striving to improve banking modules
  • Middleware design

The People

Heywood’s commitment to personal growth and development is one of our highest priorities and we therefore place strong emphasis, as well as encouragement on furthering our people’s fields of expertise. Heywood currently, employs five teams of development specialist with particular focus on Treasury, Operations, Forex, Central/Reserve Bank, Risk Management, System Integration, Data Warehousing and E-Commerce.

Heywood staff attributes:

  • Emphasis on staff retention. Heywood has had a very high retention of staff over the past 5 years. This adds considerable value to the service performance of the company.
  • Strong complimentary team synergy.
  • Retained intellectual capital and experience from past projects.